Bespoke Blends

Bespoke blending uses your nose, my knowledge and a shared intuition for what is really best for "you".

The perfect gift to yourself or a loved one, a gift made especially for you which is as unique as you are. Bespoke blending uses your nose my knowledge and a shared intuition for what is really best for "you". Products on the market are numerous, which one to choose? but these blends have been created with only you in mind. To enjoy this experience book a slot with me and face to face, nose to nose we blend science, art and intuition to create your very own hamper of pampering products. Created with the fresh essential oils and a range of organic bases, these products should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Marigold Moisturiser. Marigold means Mary’s gold is, it is named after the the holy Mother Mary. It blooms every month during its season and thus its Latin name is Calendula after the calendar. This beautiful rich, skin nourishing cream contains age old ingredients such as marigold which soothes, heals and boosts blood flow to the skin cells, revitalising them yet also preventing inflammation from overheating or irritation. Sweet almond oil nourishes and moisturises the skin with its ability to lock in moisture and attract even more moisture to the layers of the skin where it is needed to maintain plumpness. The liquid sunshine of sunflower oil adds luminosity to the skin, brightening the complexion. Rose Geranium is added to balance natural skin oil production, tighten pores and add a natural subtle fragrance to the product. The addition of vitamin E and natural vegetable glycerine add further to the age defying effects and finally my secret ingredient is known to rapidly regenerate new skin and diminish scarring. It’s an oil from a tree found in the pacific basin. I first heard about this oil when I visited Australia in the 1990’s. I have had miraculous experiences with this oil on my own skin in the past. Marigold moisturiser is not just a regular face cream - it’s the results of over 30 years’ experience in aromatherapy and skin care. I hope you like it? Marigold Moisturiser is made by me and is available on request.

It's 'prime time' you experienced this relaxing and restorative blend to maintain a feeling of stability, easing negative states of mind from confusion to 'burn out'. The aroma will lighten your day and help to dissolve those thoughts of anger, fear and uncertainty, allowing you to celebrate your femininity what ever time of the month it may be. Prime Time Plus is made by Oshadi UK to my recipe.

It's time to pause and renew the spirit, lightening the mood. This aroma is relaxing and soothing, boosting confidence and brightening your outlook. Balancing and grounding, the blend revitalizes and regenerates you mentally and physically. It optimises the skin s natural regenerative process, and is cooling to overheated skin and to the emotional self. Moisturising and refining, a new more confident you will emerge when you give yourself the 'Time to Pause'. Time to Pause is made by Oshadi UK to my recipe.